Heavy Duty Fabric Prespray

Heavy Duty Fabric Prespray is a blend of emulsifiers, solvents and ammonia for fast action on heavily soiled fabrics. Its self-neutralizing formula allows it to clean with the power of alkalinity, but then self-neutralize as it dries. It is designed for use on synthetic upholstery fabrics. It does all of this with the cleaning power of ammonia, combined with specialized solvents and surfactants. This specialized formula is specifically designed to break down, dissolve, and emulsify the soils and spills most common to upholstery fabrics – body oils, hair treatments, airborne oils, shoe scuffs, spilled food and beverages, crocked colors from clothes, newsprint, and pet hair.


PH: 8.0-9.0

Dilution: 1:3 or 43oz to a Gallon


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Heavy Duty Fabric Prespray
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